NOVEMBER 8, 2018.  Long overdue book trailer release:

SEPTEMBER 5, 2017.  Reviewer, Angelia, posts a review of C.Drying's book Contingent Upon Magenta on Goodreads.

AUGUST 8, 2017.  Indie author, Anthony Puyo, posts a review of C.Drying's book Contingent Upon Magenta on Goodreads.

JULY 28, 2017.  C.Drying donates several of her advanced reader copies to LGBT Books to Prisoners.  This is a testament to our charter to promote the joy of reading.

June 17, 2017.  Dianne at Tome Tender Book Blog posts a review of Contingent Upon Magenta on both Goodreads and the Tome Tender Book Blog website.

MAY 2, 2017.  Contingent Upon Magenta receives its first book review.  The reviewer is Kim Agustin.  You can read Agustin's review of Contingent Upon Magenta at her blog site, The Aspiring Wordsmith.

APRIL 28, 2017.  Gothlick publishes its first book on Amazon.  Contingent Upon Magenta by author C.Drying. The science-fiction story is Drying's debut book.  Here's the books back-cover blurb: “An unprovoked attack on Earth prompts the U.S. military to send a small contingent to assassinate the matriarch of a world where mothers and daughters are exalted.  A dissenting citizen from the world provides the U.S. military with guidance by insisting a female be an operative in the contingent.  Captain Joan Jones is the operative.  She’s a mother of a young daughter and is conflicted and torn by her call to duty.  The contingent faces a barrage of unexpected events while Captain Jones becomes captivated by the Magentan matriarch.”

If you are interested in receiving a FREE copy of Contingent Upon Magenta on Amazon, please contact us at or send us direct messge on Twitter at @gothlick_pub.  We are providing FREE copies (print or electronic) in exchange for book reviews.